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My Specialties

These are the issues I work with:




You have unwanted, uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts, ideas or images and behaviors that you feel the urge to repeat over and over. Read more about OCD.




You are on-edge, unable to relax fully, your thoughts are racing, you are constantly “waiting for other shoe to drop.” Read more about Anxiety and what kind of Anxiety Disorders I treat.




You have a short fuse. You feel irritated and on-edge. There is so much bottled inside. It’s hard to relax. Read more about Anger.




You have no energy. You feel sad and empty inside. You no longer enjoy things you used to enjoy. Even when you are surrounded by people, you feel alone. Read more about Depression.


Stress/Burnout/Work-Life Balance


You are stressed out and overworked. You never have time for yourself. You feel you are on a verge of loosing it. Read more about Stress.




You are constantly putting off work for no particular reason. Read more about Procrastination.




You constantly fear that what you do is not going to be good enough. Read more about Perfectionism.


Adjusting to Significant Life Transitions


You are getting married or getting divorced. Your kids are going to college. You just lost a job or starting a new one. You moved or getting retired. Read more about Life Transitions.


Low Self-Confidence


You are never sure if you are up to a talk. You constantly compare yourself to others and feel you are behind. You feel unlikable or unlovable. Read more about Low Self-Confidence.

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